Yellow Beaked Black Bird

Black birds with yellow beak

Do you love a blackbird? Or do you hate blackbird? A lot of numbers of color birds you can find the world. But black is a standard color. A blackbird with a yellow beak is also a common bird characteristic. Generally, bird beak is yellow. But the blackbird with the yellow bird is rare. Because you can’t readily find a pure black bird with a yellow bill, so it is called a rare bird.

Every bird has its beauty. The black color makes the blackbirds differ from other colors of birds. In this article, I write about some famous yellow beak blackbird.

Common Blackbird

A common blackbird is a species of the Thrush family. Blackbird is a black color bird whose are common around the world. In the United Kingdom, the blackbird is one of the most common birds.

There are many species of blackbird we can see outside the world. The birds are breeding in Asia, Europe, and also America. The common birds are migratory. So, during the winter, they are migrating from America to Asia and Egypt.

Scientific Name: Turdus Merula

Color: The male bird is black, but the female bird isn’t black. Surprisingly, female birds are brown. Sometimes, they have some spots on their bodies. It has a beautiful yellow beak.

Length: 23 to 29cm.

Weight: 80 to 125 grams.

Breeding Season: March to April.

Egg: 3-4

Lifespan: 2 to 24 Years

Eating: The birds are eating fruits, invertases, worms.

The common blackbird is also famous for singing. The birds love to sign in rain. These birds are protecting by The wildlife and countryside act of 1981.



Do you love bird’s beak? Then I am sure you will love the toucan because the toucan has a large lovely yellow-orange bill. The bill is 7.5 inches long.

The toco toucan is this common bird name. The toco toucan is also a good pet bird. But it is tough to train the bird because they are not the domesticated bird. Yet, people love the bird as a pet.

Scientific Name: Ramphastidae

Color: Black body with white feather under the throat. Also in the tail feather is white. The bird’s beak is pure bright orange with yellow and some black mixed.


Weight: Female average value is 576 grams, and the average male weight is 723 grams.

Breeding Season: Spring

Egg: 2-5 egg-lay every year

Lifespan: 20-26 years

Eating: The birds are mainly eating fruits. Sometimes insects, lizards, small birds eat too.

The toucan is not only a beautiful bird but also a very playful, friendly bird. So, the toucan is one of the most popular bird.

Common Starling

The common starling is also called European Starling. It is getting a common bird because the birds are available. Open field, urban areas, near the population the birds love to live because it is a social bird.

Scientific Name:  Sturnus vulgaris

Color: The bird has many color variations. When their plumage is new in autumn,n it looks pure black with green and purple shine also some white spots. This time, their legs are brown, and the bill is dark. But after breeding season, they lost their sight, and they became dark black. Their bill and portion will yellow.

Length:  19–23 cm 

Weight: 58–101 gram

Breeding Season: Summer and Spring

Egg: 4-6 eggs


Eating: Damage fruits, seeds, insects.

The common starling is a helpful bird. But it has some disadvantages too.

Common Black Hawk

An American common bird is the typical black hawk, which is a partially migratory bird. Its name comes from its pure black color. Medium size these birds are diurnal.

Scientific Name: Buteogallus anthracinus

Color: The birds are pure black or dark blue. It has a yellow mixed black beak that makes the birds unique.

Length:  43–53 cm

Weight: 793-1200 G

Breeding Season: Late February to late March

Egg: 1-3 eggs

Lifespan: Upto 13 years

Eating: crabs, but also some vertebrates and eggs.

Yellow Bill Magpie

The yellow bill magpie is bird of passerine family. The bird is restricting in the California state because this species of birds face climate threats. There is a lot of species magpie found all over the world. But The Magpie species only found in California.

Scientific Name:  Pica Nuttalli

Color: Black and white plumage, green-blue tail, and wings with Yellow beak.

Length: 46-66cm

Weight: 150 gram

Egg: 5-7 eggs

Eating: grasshopper,plants, seeds, and other invertebrates.

The birds are very amazing when they are flying in the sky. Their different mix color makes the attractive bird species. But they are aggressive and attack the same species.


Except for these five birds, in the world, there are many birds you can see. Every bird has a different beauty. But all the species of birds are essential for our environment. All birds are part of our nature.

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