Why Are Seagulls Protected?

Seagull is one of the famous sea birds. So, it lives nearby the sea area. There are 54 species seagulls, but all species birds aren’t found all over the world. Only some species of seagull are in the whole world. In North America are located more than 25 species seagulls. We already know that the Seagulls are a protected species. So, killing the birds is illegal. Many people are interested to know why seagulls are protected species?

What about seagulls, and why are they protected?

The seagulls are migratory birds. And they are protected by the  Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918(MBTA). This law protects more than 800 species of birds. Birds are essential in our ecological system. Also, birds are the beauty of nature. So, generally, it is permanently protected the birds.

As the seagulls are protected, so, to kill, sell, or hunt the bird is illegal. But destroying their eggs and removed their eggs is also an unlawful work. If the birds make their nest on their buildings, then the owner of the house can take some steps against it. But without any reason, no one can’t do their harm as the birds protected under law. So, everyone should be careful before hunting birds.

Are seagulls endangered?

Some people think the seagulls are endangered birds, but it is not valid. All species of seagulls are not endangered birds. Seagulls are very protective of their babies. So they are very much careful to protect their babies and nests. Consequently, sometimes the birds are acting as they endangered.

Some ornithologists are saying, “People are the reason to make the birds dangerous.” If people don’t disturb the birds, the birds don’t attack them. But if people want to do their harm, the birds become aggressive to protect.

Why are seagulls inland far from the sea?

Seagulls are coming inland because of searching for food. Seagulls are sea birds for that they have to live the nearby sea, and the birds have to eat fish mainly.  But some gulls are not staying at sea. They make their nest on the roof. Herring gulls and lesser black-backed gulls are the common gulls who can form their nest colonies as well as building roofs. So the gulls make their nest on the roof.

More About Seagulls

We already know that there are many species gulls are in the world. So, some gulls are significant, and some are the little gulls. Black-backed gull is the largest gull. The typical color of these birds is white. Some species gulls have pure white head and neck; some birds have blackheads. They have a long wingspan. Different species gulls have many colors. Black, grey, and brown colors are mainly they have in their wings.

The most abundant gulls are 1.75 kg, and the smallest gull has 120 grams. The gulls are can walking, swimming and also flying. During the winter, the gulls are moving warmer places as they are migratory birds. Some gulls are migrating short distances, and some are migrating long distances. Franklin gull is the gull who is migrating most long distances.

Where do seagulls go at night?

Seagulls are diurnal birds. So,  basically at night, they are sleeping. They like to stay nearby the sea.

What eats Seagulls?

The seagulls are eating mainly fish. But they are also eating some insects. The gulls often steal food from people, other birds, and animals.

The seagulls are a beautiful bird. The birds are a vital part of our environment. So the birds are protected under law. If people threaten by birds like health issues are happens, then people can take steps by taking permission to the law.

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