What is a group of magpies called?

Magpie with black white and blue

A group of the magpie is known to us as a parliament. However, a group of magpie had several names. What is the group of a magpie called? Do you know the words before? Another magpie group is called “a gulp, mischief, champ, a tiding.”

There is an interesting story behind the group of magpie’s name. You will find interesting information here and be surprised.

Meaning of a magpie group

In the spring, the magpies are making a large group. So they have some names of their group. Already I mention their group names.


Do you know A group of the magpie is not the only group that called a parliament? Already we know that a group of the magpie is called a parliament. But not only a group of a magpie but also a group of owls called a parliament.

Indeed the meaning of parliament is the secretary of a state. So parliament bears an immense power. However, the magpie has known the parliament because of their large group. The magpie is a common bird almost all over the world. They are founding everywhere. So they have a large number of groups.

On the other hand, owls are the most significant and most decisive bird. We all know that. So when a group of owls is staying together, they are like parliament.

All About Magpies

The magpie is a bird who is coming from the Corvidae family. Suspect that the magpie is similar to crows and jays. But there has been much difference between magpie and crows and jays.

There are many species of magpie available in the world.  The magpies are founding in Asia, Europe, North America. In the world, we can see different colors with another looking magpie. All shades of magpie are looking very lovely. Especially when a magpie is flying, and their feathers are spread, it looks beautiful.

Base on the colour, we can divide the magpies into three groups.

Group 1: Black and white magpie

  • Eurasian Magpie
  • Black Magpie
  • Maghreb Magpie
  • Korean Magpie
  • Black-rumped Magpie
  • Asir Magpie
  • Yellow-billed Magpie

Group 2: Blue and green Magpie

  • Common Green Magpie
  • Yellow-billed Blue Magpie
  • Red-billed Blue Magpie
  • Javan Green Magpie

Group 3: Azure-Winged Magpie

  • Azure-Winged Magpie
    • Iberian Magpie

Characteristic of Magpies

Magpie is a medium-sized bird. Some have different colors, short tail; some have a long tail. The magpie breeding season is August to October every year. They are laying 5 to 8 eggs.

The magpie becomes protective until their chicks are fledged and leave the nest. So, almost need to finish till November to their breeding season.

Eurasian Magpie


Do you know the most intelligent bird name? No problem if you don’t know. Eurasian Magpie is the most intelligent bird all over the world. The magpie is also the most beautiful species of magpie groups. When the bird is flying, their bright feathers make them just outstanding.

The bird has another beautiful quality. The bird is only a bird that passes the mirror test. Mirror test means self-awareness and recognizing themselves—some animal-like elephant, dolphins, chimps pass, mirror test. When humans see the mirror, they can realize them similar magpie can also identify their reflection. Simply it is a mirror test. Have you known it before?

Magpies in Asia

What is the common bird of Asia? The answer is the magpie. Yes, the magpie is a common bird in Asia. The bird was also trendy here. Even in Bangladesh and Korea, the magpie is their national bird.

So, in Asia, the bird is available all the area.

India, Pakistan, Srilanka, China all the country of Asia you can see the bird. There has an exciting superstition about magpie. The magpie is thinking good or bad luck. Perhaps seeing a magpie is meaning bad luck. But in China, seeing a magpie means happiness and good luck. Some people still believe that the magpie is stealing jewelry and take it their nest.

Though, all things are interesting superstition. There is a poem about this superstition, “ One for sorrow, two for joy.”

Facts of Magpie

  • They make a nest on the ground if they don’t get a suitable place in the tree. The birds are mainly making their nests on the tree.
  • The magpie isn’t a migratory bird.  The bird cant travel a long way.
  • The bird can eat plants and animals.
  • The bird is protective to save their territory.
  • The magpie is a wild bird, so it is illegal to keep the bird as a pet.


The magpie is an extraordinary bird. Magpies are extinct day by day. If you find any sick bird, try to save its life. Because we know birds are a great asset to our environment.

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