What is a group of Flamingos called?

Like other birds species, a group of flamingos also has some name. The names depend on what the birds did. Chiefly, a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance. The group of flamingos is also called a colony, flock, stand, or regiment. The flamingo’s groups are enormous.

The large group is known as a colony. The birds are making their nest on the land by digging some hole. Ten to thousands of flamingos make a group. Giant birds are staying together! Fantastic looking at the scenery.

A group of Flamingos

The birds are living and eating together. What is the reason for making a group?

The flamingos are making a group protect them from the predatory species. They survive to live every day because local predicator attacks them. So, the group of flamingos saves them from predatory.Therefore, the group of flamingos is essential for them to live.

However, the Flamingos are a species that they are very peaceful. Hardly, the bird is fighting with each other. In the flamingos mating season, they are lost their group and descend the shallow water.


Do you think which species of birds are most attractive? The flamingos are one of the most beautiful species in the world. Six species of Flamingos are well known to us. The four flamingos species are native in Asia, Africa, and Europe and are found in America and the Caribbean.

Greater flamingo, lesser flamingo are found in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Jame’s flamingo, American flamingos, and Chilean flamingos are found in America and the Caribbean. The greater flamingos are the large species of flamingos, and the small species are lesser flamingos.

Charactaristic of Flamingos

The beautiful bird has some impressive and attractive traits. So, let’s see what the character they have is!

Colour: The flamingos are famous for its beautiful pink color. But when chicks are born, the chicks aren’t pink. Firstly, the chicks have a grey and yellow color. It needs three years to get a pink tint.

Size: The largest flamingos are 1.2 to 1.4 meters long and weigh up to 3 kg. The smallest flamingos 3.9 to 4.7 feet and the average weight is up to 2.5 kilograms.

Eat: As a shorebird, the birds are eating fish. But without fish, they also eat seeds, aquatic plants, insects. The bill of flamingos has a different quality so that it can separate mud and authentic food. The burds are flying 30-40kilimeters, searching for food when the food has no more in their areas. Surprisingly, the flamingos color is depending on their diet chart.

Habitat: Some species love Asian weather, and some prefer American weather. WE already know that six species of birds live on a different continent. As we see, the bird is a waterbird and loves to stay in the water, so they are live lakes and lagoons. The flamingos are preferred shallow water, though.

So, flamingos big legs, bright color, oversized neck, and hooked beak are unique parts of their bodies. The bird’s behaviors are also perfect for falling in love with them quickly. If it is legal to keep the bird, people support them. But the bird is illegal to keep as a pet. The bird never been domesticed. So, outside our environment, the bird is free to live happily.

Amazing Fact of Flamingos

  • The flamingo is a species they are living more than thousands of flamingos together.
  • In the Bahamas, the flamingo is their National bird.
  • Each year the flamingos are laying only one egg.
  • The birds can stand up on one leg. Thus, they feel better. There is no scientific cause about standing one leg.
  • The flamingos are a very peaceful bird.
  • Both the females and male flamingos are taking care of their chicks. It is an extraordinary quality.
  • The flamingo is a social bird. So the flamingos are peacefully live by a group.
  • Typically a flamingo’s lifespan is 20-30 years. But a greater flamingo is recorded live by 83 years in an Australian zoo.
  • When chicks grow up and learn to eat by itself with flamboyance is called ‘manager.’


There are a lot of birds in our world, but some bird is superior to all people. Suppose you see the group of flamingos you never forget them. The beautiful creature made our world beautiful. The beauty of the pink color makes your mind happy. The feelings are not expressing by some words. So, if you love birds, try to love them more. I hope peaceful species are live peacefully in our world.

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