A brown falcon

What is a group of falcons called?

A falcon is a small-sized hunter bird. The birds are coming from birds of prey. So, the bird is famous for hunting. A group of falcon has some names. The group of these birds is calling cast, a bazaar, or cadge. Example: we see a cast of falcons is flying.

From ancient times, birds are trendy for people who love hunting. People used to keep them as their pets. Are you feel interested to learn more about this bird group?

In this article, you can find a lot of new info about the beautiful bird. So, stay with me!

A Group Of Falcons

The bird falcon is also known to us as Hawk. As well as, we already know that what is the name of the falcon group. When some birds stay together is called a group. But almost every bird makes a group, so different species birds have other words. For the additional name of a group of birds, we can quickly identify the bird’s group.

A falcons family is flying is known cast; two or more birds are called a boil. A similar word ‘cast’ refers to a group of falcons.

All About Falcons


Fast and excellent eyesight bird, the falcon is beautiful to the bird’s lover. In a word, the falcon is a smart bird. The birds have many interesting facts, activities, and an intelligent brain. You may be surprised after knowing all about the falcons.

Species of FALCONS

More than 35 species of falcon are in the world—all species of birds dividing into 3 or 4 groups. So, all the birds not the same. Some species are eating insects; some eat smaller birds, and others are the most extensive hunter bird and attack some other birds. Except for the Antracita, in every country, the birds are available.

List of Falcons Species

  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Marlin
  • Gyrfalcon
  • Eurasian Hobby
  • Lanner Falcon
  • Red-Footed Falcon
  • Black Falcon
  • American kestrel
  • Laggard Falcon
  • Amur Falcon
  • Lesser Kestrel
  • Barbary Falcon
  • Australian Hobby Falcon
  • New Zealand falcon
  • African Hobby Falcon
  • Rock Kestrel
  • Banded Kestrel
  • Bat Falcon
  • Oriental Falcon

The gyrfalcon is the largest falcon, and the smallest falcon is American Kestel. A little bird with long wings is called a hobby falcon. A falcon who is hover when they are hunting is called a kestrel.

Traits Of Falcons

Size: The falcons are a medium sized bird. Though each species has a different size, an average length is 20-65cm.

Color: Falcons are mainly brown, black, and white.

Habitat: Falcons live everywhere in the world. But specieficly in grassland, desert, forest and up to the hill.

Special Characteristics of Falcons

We already heard that the birds have some unique traits. Let’s see what the remarkable thing about falcons is!

  1. The Falcons are one of the fastest birds of prey in the world.
  2. The birds can fly up to 390km per hour. It is a recorded speed of a falcon.
  3. Female falcons are more significant than a male falcon. As the female is big, so the hunters love the female falcon most.
  4. The birds can survive suffering from hunger for a long time, yet they don’t take away other birds’ food.
  5. The falcon’s most powerful part is its eye. The bird-eye is very powerful. Smart brain, powerful eyes make the birds powerful.
  6. Falcon is the mate for life.

Why people keep falcon as a pet?

Many years ago, in the middle east, such as China, Egypt, Asia, and Europe, people kept falcon as their pets. The king was attracted to falcons. So, they keep the falcons.

The young falcons were trained from infancy to hard and endless to make the hunter.

For hunting small birds or other animals, the people are maintaining falcon for them. However, hunting ceased after the seventh century. In recent, every country is very aware of saving all the birds. So it is illegal to keep some birds as pets or to sell or to buy.

Learn From Falcons

It was estimated that the falcons could live up to 70 years. But how is it possible to live for so long? When a falcon reaches 40 years, then they make a decision that can help them to live long. At the age of forty, the bird loses its sharp nail power and beak power; their wings are also massive. By their short nail, they are collect their livelihood.

At this moment, the birds have two ways. First, accept death by waiting or restart their life. So, the birds try to second way and ready to continue their life.

Firstly, the birds break their beak by hurting stone. Then they are waiting for a new visor.

Then next, the bird breaks their old useless nail and wait for a new staple. Thus, the bird’s uproot its feather.

So, now they can get a new life to live again. What do you learn from falcon life? We are losing hope after some sadness. Never give up; try and try.


The bird can give us pleasure so we should also do something for birds. We should protect the bird and save our nature. I hope in this article you get some info about Falcon. If you want to read more about birds group let’s read now.

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