Small Yellow Birds with Black Wings

Who doesn’t curious about the birds? To satisfy that curiosity, we are looking for more about birds. People who love birds always try to know more about birds, and it’s colour, crown, tail, wings, eyes, nape, flying characteristics, and so on.  One of the exciting things is small yellow birds with black wings. A lot of information about little yellow birds can make them happy, make them pleasant.

If you think about a yellow bird with black wings, the first thing that comes to mind is the American Goldfinch. The yellow birds symbolise joy and happiness. And also, this yellow bird provides a positive sign in our life. So bird’s lovers are love to know about yellow birds.

American Goldfinch

The American goldfinch is one of the attractive birds in America. It is a migratory bird that migrates from South Canada- the border of the United States to Mexico during the winter. As well as, in their breeding season, they are relocating from mid-Alberta to North Carolina. The birds are the official birds of New Jersey, Washington, and Lowa.

Description: The Goldfinch is a small bird. It has an 11-13 centimetre long body, and their average weight is 11-19 gram only. In the winter season, the birds look brown colour in their feather on their body. But in the summer season, the male’s goldfinch is looking bright yellow. It has a black with some white mix wings—a black forehead with the black rump.

Habitat: American Goldfinch is mainly living in the roadsides, orchards, fields, meadows, and gardens. As they are a migrating bird, so they live in different places at different seasons or times. The birds are migrating short distances.

American Yellow Warbler

The American yellow warbler is also a magnificent bird. In America, there found almost 50 species warblers. The birds are breeding in North America, the Caribbean, and down to South America. Sometimes the birds are called “summer yellowbird.”

Description: The American Yellow Warbler is also a little bird, but the bird looks very beautiful. The bird is 10-18 centimeters long, and it has an average weight of 7-25 grams, as well as it has a 16-22 centimeter wingspan.

The birds are bright yellow, but the male is more colourful than the females. Their underparts are yellow with the reddish line. The birds have a beautiful yellow with mixed black wings, and their eyes are pure black. That makes them more appealing.

Habitat: Usually, the American Yellow Warbler lives in the small trees, orchards, and roadsides. But in the winter season, the birds live Mangrove forest, dry scrub, and forests.

Black Hooded Oriole

The black-hooded oriole is a member of the ‘Oriole’ family. In South Asia, the oriole is mainly living here. It is an Asian, most colourful bird. The birds have a total of five species that are also surrounding in Asia.

Description: The Black-hooded Oriole is a medium size bird. It has a pure black head and black wings. The birds have a bright yellow body, and the male is extra more gorgeous than the female’s birds. The birds are long 23-26 centimetres, and their average weight is 65 t0 100 grams.

Habitat: The birds are living in the villages of Asian countries. The birds stay at trees and love to stay at the high of the trees. Fruits gardens, forests, and all the communities the birds are resting and living.

Finn’s Weaver

Finn’s Weaver is also an Asian bird. The birds are also called yellow Weaver for its body’s colour. The Finn’s Weaver is one of the main weaver species in India. We can say that ‘the birds is an Indian bird.’ As well as, we can mainly see the birds in some states of India. Finn’s Weaver seen in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, and also Nepal.

Description: Finn’s Weaver is a beautiful small bird. It is black with some brown or with line mixed wing with yellow body birds. The bird is long about 17 centimetres. The birds have a black lip.

Habitat: Finn’s Weaver is lives in grassland. The birds are making their nest on the top of the trees. The birds are building a lovely nest. In a tree, the birds make their nest by a group. In India, we can see that a tree’s have only nest and nest.

Black and Yellow Tanager
Black and Yellow Tanager is an endemic bird of Costa Rica hills and Panama. The birds are found everywhere in the high slope of the Caribbean side in Costa Rica and Panama hills. It is a passerine bird.

Description: It is also a small bird. The bird’s body is long about 12 centimetres, and their average weight is more than 10 grams. The name of the bird is Black and Yellow Tanager, so basically, we can understand that it is yellow with a blackbird. It has a bright yellow body, underparts, and head, as well as a black tail and wing.

Habitat: We already know that the birds are living in the hills. It makes their nest on the side of the Caribbean Mountain slopes up to 1200 meters. The birds are love to live in wet forests. The birds are finding in a small group.

Every bird in the world is essential for our ecosystem. So, small or big birds don’t matter; all kinds of birds are necessary for their own. Little yellow birds are colourful birds, so it is also making our environment more beautiful. So, everyone should contribute to protecting all types of birds.

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