A group of pelican

What is a group of pelicans called?

The pod is the name of a group of a pelican. But there is also some name of a flock of pelicans.

The pelican’s group is also known as a scoop, a pouch, a squadron. A pelican group is seen inland, lakes or river, flying even though the group breeding together. The bird breeding together is calling colonies.

A Group Of Pelicans

A white group of pelican

The pelican is a long beak big bird. We can see a group of a pelican in swimming in the river or lake in a line. The sight is beautiful because they maintain their line just superbly. The pelican hunter fish, so it is a familiar scene to see a pod in water. Inland, the pelican group also maintain their big group amazingly. In water, some pelican is swimming, and some are hunting or flying up the water. The bird’s big bill and its throat pouches are enough to catch the fishes easily.

If you see a pelican group, you can understand how much the group is beautiful. As the bird’s outlook is so beautiful, so you fall in love with seeing the pelican group. In this article, you know more about the beautiful big bill bird. Keep reading!


A Pelican

Do you know why the pelican is a famous bird? The big bird is renowned for its throat pouches. The bird’s throat pouches help the bird catch fish. So the pelican is famous. But all the pelican species are not catching fish in the same way. Some species are following different ways to catch fish.

Even the pelican group helps each other to catch fish.

Already we know something about the pelican.  The pelican is a symbol of love, motherhood, and sacrifices. The pelican is know-how can protect and love its offspring. A mother pelican is very careful with its chicks.

So, it is a fantastic fact of pelican, and we should follow the pelican way.

Species of Pelican

White with black pelican

In total, eight species of pelican are available on the earth. The eight species are divided into two groups. The group is divided by the color of this bird. Though, all the pelican traits are almost the same.

Four-nester white plumage groups

  • Great white pelican or White pelican,
  • Dalmatian pelican,
  • Australian pelican,
  • and American white pelican

Four-grey or brown group pelican species

  • Spot-billed pelican
  • Pink-backed pelican
  • Peruvian pelican
  •  and brown pelican.

In these eight species of pelican, the largest pelican species is the American white pelican. The smallest pelican species is the brown pelican.

Characteristics of Pelican

Some species of pelican are big; some are small from other species. But the pelican has some common characteristics that make all the species beautiful. People called the pelican a beautiful social bird. So, let’s see what the pelican character is!

Size: The largest pelican size species is 1.3 meters to 1.6 meters, and the smallest species pelican is 100-160cm. The weight of a large pelican up to 6kg and a little pelican weight is around 3.5kg. So there are huge physical differences between large and small pelican.

Color: Basically, the pelicans are a white and black, and brown color bird. Such as; white pelican with black wings, some species are pure white, or some are brown.

Food: The pelican is a successful fisher bird. So, the bird eats fish. In a day, the bird eats more than 1.5kg of fish. The bird throat with elastic pouches is to make them a successful fisher bird. By the way, the bird also eats other birds, insects, and turtles too.

Habitat: The fisher bird pelican is a water bird, so normally, they are living lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. Pelican loves to live nearby water.

Breeding season: The pelican can breed any time in a year. There is no fixed time for producing for the birds.

Eggs: 2-4 egg lays in a year.

Nesting: The male pelican helps to bring nesting material to make a nest.

Lifespan: A pelican lifespan is 15 to 25 years.

The amazing fact of pelican

  1. Pelican group is very supportive; they help each other. The bird hunting together, protect the bird carefully.
  2. The pelican is making nesting ground.
  3. The pelican has the biggest bill of all the birds in the world.
  4. The bird is social so that they live together in colonies.
  5. Pelican has some skills. Such as, the bird does fly and dive better to catch fish.

If you visit the North American lake or freshwater you can see the beautiful bird. You are surprised to know its hunting style. The bird elastic pouches are big, so it is amazing when the bird is catching fish.

Like the other bird, the pelican species are also making you happy. If you are feeling sad, then try to see the best natural creatures.

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