Do pigeons have feelings?


Feelings mean physical senses. All people must have the biological understanding that is known to us Feelings or Emotions. But the birds have any feelings? There are many opinions about these topics. Some agree that pigeon has feelings, but others think pigeon has not feelings. Still, there is no scientific prove about a bird’s senses.

Yes, birds have feelings. In any case, it can easily understand that birds have feelings. Birds are showing their feelings in various ways.

Feelings of Pigeons

From the ancient time, the pigeons are domesticated. People love to keep pigeons as their pets. The birds are the most intelligent bird on earth. So, they can remember you if they see you once. Even if you are feeding them regularly, they are coming near you quickly. If a pigeon wants to attend, the birds are starting to call you loudly. It is their way of attracting people.

The pigeons show their feelings or emotion is the various way. We can see their feelings with their behavior. If you have pet pigeons, you can understand their methods of expressing feelings. Nesting, feeding, caring baby bird, protection, anger, happiness all the behavior expose the surfaces of pigeons.

Pigeons are outstanding partners. They mate for life. The birds are also very loyal, devoted birds. If you see their lifespan, you can see that they have a family. A male pigeon is attracting a female pigeon. But the female pigeon is ignoring the male. But when the female bird cant ignores, the male birds are trying to intimate. The birds are helping their partners.

In ancient times, the pigeon is used to communicate. And the bird also is known to us as the icon of peace. In the world, there are many pigeons organization. These organizations are working for pigeons. To save pigeons, stop killing feral pigeons.

Types of pigeons

In the world, there are a lot of species pigeons.  More than 300 species of pigeons are finding the world. There are mainly two types of pigeons we can see. One of the species is domestic. Other species is feral pigeons. But also we can see a racing species of pigeons. The racing pigeons are using in sports.

People are keeping pigeons for their happiness, for their passion. But some of the people are keeping the birds for their business.  The people are earning money from pigeons. Pigeon’s meat is tasty.

Domestic Pigeons

People love to keep pigeons as a pet. Thousands of years ago, the pigeons are becoming the best pet bird. Pigeons are brilliant, friendly birds. So, people fall in love with pigeons.

In the globe, there are many species of domestic pigeons. In the whole world, people keep birds as their pet birds. Pigeons are living up to the roof. The pet birds need a cage to live them. A pair of pigeons is to stay together in one cell. Pigeons are very loyal to their partner. So, without a couple, they can’t live. Domestic pigeons are eating crops. They are flying one place to another because the birds are very playful.

Some species of famous domestic pigeons:

Rock Dove or Common Pigeon

Roller Pigeon

Homing Pigeon

Indian Gola Pigeon

African Owl Pigeon


Feral Pigeons

Feral Pigeons

Which species of pigeon is not train is call feral pigeons. They are not staying as a pet. Feral pigeons live anywhere outside. On the cliff, the birds are staying. People sometimes love to feed them. Carneau pigeon is the most beautiful feral pigeon.

Racing Pigeons

A racing pigeon is a much expensive bird. In China, the most costly pigeon’s price was $1.4 Million. People training the pigeons for racing, and they are ready for the race.

Some notable racing species of pigeons:

Homer Pigeon

Dragoon Pigeon

More fact about pigeons

An exciting fact attracts people. The pigeons have a lot of interesting facts.

  1. Pigeons save much human life. Are you surprised? Yes, in world wartime, they save a lot of life by sending messages and updates.
  2. Pigeons are very protective. You have never seen a baby bird before one month age.
  3. Pigeons are very smart, intelligent, loyal. They are a social bird and love to live a group.
  4. Do you know? Pigeon is a symbol of peace!
  5. Pigeons are mate for life. Female and male birds are both caring baby birds.

Related questions

Do pigeons feel pain?

Yes, the pigeons feel pain when they lost their partner.

Do only pigeons have feelings?

Do only the pigeons have feelings? No, it is not. Other birds also have feelings like pigeons.

Do pigeons bond with humans?

Yes, the pigeon is bonding quickly with humans.

We can understand that the pigeons are very much affectionate birds from thousands of years ago. The birds are lovely and make our life happy. So, let’s help the birds.

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