Difference between Swan and Goose

Swan and goose

Do you think a swan and a goose is the same bird? If you believe the swan and the goose are a similar bird. Then your thinking is wrong. Firstly, I also consider that the swan and the goose are the same birds. But when I can understand that they are different, I feel foolish.

Swan and goose are closely related species. Both the birds are from Anatidae Family.  But yet the birds have many different things. A swan and a goose have mainly differed in their outlooks. After knowing more about these birds, I hope everyone will be surprised.



Swans are a symbol of beauty, devotion, love, purity, peace, partnership, etc. The swan is found all over the world. More than six species of swan seen in the world. Mute swan, trumpeter swan, and whooper swan are the largest species of swan. The swan can’t change their mate until the mate has died or failed to make the nest. An interesting fact about a swan is, the birds occur divorce sometimes. 

Swan’s Species

Mute swan: Mute swan is not a quiet bird. It has a voice, and the birds are also chirping like other birds. It’s a bird in North America. But in Asia,  the birds also found. It is a white bird as the birds are water birds, so they love to swim in lakes, ponds, and other waters place.

Trumpeter Swan: The birds are also a North American migratory bird. It is a pure white colour bird. The bird is vegetarian, but sometimes even eat small fish, eggs. As it is a large bird, its average weight is 13 kg.

Black Swan: In the USA, Australia, New Zealand also some country of Asia these species of the swan is found. As their name is black, it is truly a black swan with a white flight feather.

Black-Necked Swan: Black-necked swan means it has a white body with a black neck. It is also an American migratory bird.

Whooper Swan: The whooper swan and the tundra swan is similar. Both birds have almost the same outlooks. The bird is also known as a common swan.

Tundra Swan: It is a small species of swan birds. But the birds also look very beautiful. This bird has a white body with a grey neck.

After knowing about all species of the swan that we can understand, the swan is a most beautiful bird and those are similar to all species. All species have only a few differences on their own.



The goose is also from Anatidae Family. But the goose is smaller than the swan. A common difference between the swan and goose is colour, weight, and even height. The goose means a female bird, but a gander is representing of a male bird. In the world, there are many species of goose we can see.

A lot of geese are slaughtered every year for meat. So easily we can understand that goose meat is tasty. A domestic goose can’t fly. So the goose’s meat and eggs are much demandable.

Goose Species

Domestic Goose: Domestic goose means which birds stay at home. In the world from the ancient time,  the domestic goose was a critical bird. A domestic goose is swimming in the pond, lake, or river, but at night time they stay at land. Per year, a goose lay an average of 50 eggs. Sometimes the goose attack people. The male goose is taller than the female, and the male goose has white mixed colour birds a long neck.

Swan Goose: The goose is a domestic bird. But is it also a migratory bird. In Asia, the swan goose is a common bird. Swan goose is a large specie of the goose family as well as it also has a long-necked. The bird is the brown, grey, and white mixed colour bird.

Greylag Goose: It is the other largest goose species in the earth. Their average weight is 3.3 kg. The bird also migrates in winter and go to the warmer place. The goose lays pink eggs, and their beak is pink or orange. Their body is a brownish colour with a darker head. The goose is looking very much attractive.

In England, besides a canal, a pair of goose living and they protect their eggs. Some teenagers are thrown some pieces of stone and break their eggs. For this reason, the goose is leaving the nest. After the partner is missing, the goose has also died.

Why the goose died? It was a big question, then some experts say, “ For losing its partner, another goose has died.”

So we can understand that the goose is a symbol of love and they love to live together.

Common Difference between Swan and Goose




In this article, we already know about these birds. But think the three things are mainly common differences between the birds.

I hope everyone can now understand the difference. There are a lot of birds in our world, but both the birds are different from one other. But every bird is the beauty of nature. So we should protect all the beauty of nature.

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