About Us

I know I can’t fly but I hope my Birds Diary can fly.

Hello, Hello! Welcome to Birds Diary. I am Jennifer W. David, a bird lover. Bird lover is not my identity. But I love all animals, especially birds. Hence, I love to give my introduction as a birder. When I was a baby, I start loving birds in my childhood age. In the morning, I wake up by hearing birds chirping. Bird’s beautiful outlook attracts me very much. Till now, I’m searching bird, loving birds, and still, I am border as well.

Why this website?

As I say, I’m a bird lover. So, I am interested to know all about birds and want to spread my love for birds. I want to share information about all species of birds. Therefore I create this site. I hope everyone will be happy to get information about birds. Making this website, I am pleased.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share about all birds, saving birds, and want to understand that people who are killing animals for no reason.